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SuccessWhale version 3 is a complete rewrite of the original SuccessWhale v1/v2 software. Instead of a horrible mash of HTML rendering functions inside PHP scripts, SuccessWhale v3 is neatly separated into a pure Javascript web interface and a Ruby API, which communicate using JSON. If that's too many abbreviations for this time of the morning, don't worry — all you need to know is that it's designed better.

There have been a few changes to what you'll see in the web interface. Hopefully you'll agree that they are improvements!

The Main Screen

The main screen of SuccessWhale works much the same as before: post entry box and buttons on top, configurable columns of all your feeds below.

Up top, you can now attach files such as pictures and videos to your posts by clicking the icon. You'll also notice that the "Post to:" buttons have been moved — they can be found by clicking on the Accounts button.

File attachment Account selector

In the main area of the interface, usability has been improved by displaying the action buttons for each item underneath the item, rather than hiding them away behind a click of the user's avatar. Conversations () and reply entry boxes () now appear inline underneath each item when you click the appropriate button. Plus, pictures can now be previewed inline rather than having to be opened by clicking a text link. (If you prefer the old behaviour, you can turn this off on the Config screen.)

Conversation viewInline media and reply

The Config Screen

All the old configuration areas — Accounts, Appearance, Banned Phrases and each column's individual feed selection — have all been moved to one place, accessible by the Config button at the top right:

SuccessWhale config interface

Rather than a limited set of suggestions for mixing feeds together, you can now add and remove any feeds you like in any column you like. Sources can be added to columns with the button and removed with . Columns can also be moved around by grabbing hold of the icon and dragging each column's box up and down.

Mixing feeds to create a column

That's it! I hope you enjoy using SuccessWhale as much as — hopefully more than! — I enjoyed making it.

— Ian